Put your message on one or 70,000 local Information Homepage Portals serving Communities, Schools, Hotels and Armed Forces UK Wide


For the first time you can put your message on any or all of our national network of 31,000 Community Portals websites such as www.tavistock.2day.ws and 172 Armed Forces garrison sites like www.forcesinnsworth.2day.ws. We also 35,000 educational sites and now 12,550 larger hotel information portals such as Rougemont Hotel Exeter
All are grouped by postcode area and you simply decide where you would like to advertise and how much coverage you require – one specific site, sites very local to you, further afield or nationwide.

We can take Logos, animations and can do double boxes if required.

What are the benefits to your business?

  1. You are seen every day by thousands of potential customers - exactly in areas where you want to expand or build your business.

  2. You immediately have a local online profile with the search engines.

Enhanced adverts

We can now actually insert the location of the website into the copy of your advert. This both makes you look local and greatly enhances your local Google profile.