Businesses use 2day sites to project themselves and their product or brand to a wider community, and to benefit their customers.

For example, an eco-motorcycle business has a portal to give their customers access to a wide range of eco information - which they are unable to provide on their techinical, sales-based commercial website.

Hotels have portals to give their guests access to a huge amount of information about the local geographical area in which they are staying - not only the countryside but also what is on at the nearest theatre, cinema, museum etc. (see below)
Churches use portals either as their main website or in conjunction with their own church-only site. A portal brings a whole new dimension to a church website because it is full of information that is useful, and appeals to, every single person in a church's parish not just to the people who physically go to the church. By combining local weather forecasts, what's on locally and nationally and access to online shopping with information they want to project to their community (such as Sunday services, fundraising events, etc), the Church can reach people it might otherwise never communicate with. 2day sites can also carry advertising if required, so churches can raise revenue - just as they do from paper parish magazines.

Community Sites

2day Portals work really well for communities because they are all-encompassing. They can carry huge amounts of local data - from diary dates to local appeals - and masses of useful information that is helpful for everybody, every day of their lives! Weather forecasts, online shopping, online news, financial advice and lots, lots more.

2day sites can also carry advertising - thus working like local newspapers - for businesses or charities of special relevance to a community.

Concierge Service for Hotels, Guesthouses and B&Bs

2day Portals are especially suitable for use by hotels and B&Bs.  They give concierge staff and guesthouse owners instant access to local knowledge enabling them to inform guests about places and events happening in the locality.

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