Property Location Portals (PLP) sell the location around each property - and double web traffic at the same time.

House buyers see unique, LIVE local information specific to each house - the kind they need to get when they buy. To put it simply, you'll be building traffic by giving people more of what they need.

How does it work? We source the information from hundreds of websites and focus it on each property to ensure your offices' website is giving specific local information. Property Portals are seamlessly embedded into the house details on your website. Clients never really leave your website because every house link returns them to your site. 

Your web traffic doubles because each house is automatically advertised on dozens of local community sites. (See below) One agent received over 80,000 impressions from just two postcodes.

You can see an example here of a site which increased its traffic once it included all the Microportal system. ( - find a property and click 'Live Local Information')

Lastly you will be able to give your successful buyers a Welcome Pack and unique self-updating Personal Property Portal to introduce them to area. This also allows you to keep in touch when they want to move again. Business building by default!

We're planning to sign up 10 agents in September. If you interested in being one of them please call 01822 600001 ext 1 or email Richard


How the advertising works
As a property is entered it is automatically advertised to every community, school and hotel within its postcode and nearby postcodes. 

Questions and Answers

Re Property Local Portals (PLPs)

1. What is a portal?

A is portal an ‘Interest’ focused website.

2. What is a Microportal?


A 2day Microportal is website that is both ‘location’ AND ‘interest’ focused -  and related to an individual’s needs at a particular time and place. e.g. buying a house and being a member of armed forces etc need different 2day sites.

3. What info will buyers get?

PLPs provide people interested in buying property with live, current, postcode focused local information UK wide.

4. How do I buy it?

Through 2day Microportals either monthly or annually, in advance

5. What do I have to do?

Email 2day the URL of the Estate Agent site and book a Skype introduction call. They can go live the same day by adding PLP links to their houses

6. How does it work?

PLPs use the house postcode to populate the house PLP with relevant live local info, pictures, maps and reviews

7. How does it work with my website?

PLPs look as though they are embedded in your website but in fact they simply link to each houses webpage.

8. How do I maintain it?

No maintenance is needed.  However, the client can personalise their PLP with their own pictures, information and voice

9. How will I know it's working?

Click the property’s LOCAL INFO link and the PLP will display the house photo surrounded by key local info / buzz !

10. What's the downside?

Not having one when other agents do

11. How many offices does it work for?

As many as required – with a monthly fee charged for each office.

12. How many properties can I feature?

No Limit

13. What if I want to do more?

You can add as many as you like

14. What are all the other websites?

2day runs national networks of Information sites on every Community, School, Hotel and Forces base in the UK

15. How do properties appear on local sites?

The system uses each house's postcode to upload its photo and caption onto the 2day sites serving that area

16. How are the individual PLPs made?

Property PLPs capture website versions of the pages used to sell the property creating permanently updated  PLPs.

15. How does the Welcome Pack work?

Welcome Packs are created from the individual PLPs. Useful info, maps, address labels etc are printed from the PLP

16. Who is using this service?

Local and national estate agents, rental agents, property developers, business hubs airbnb potential, cottages for you

17. What does it cost?

£3 per day per office. This includes local advertising on the 2day networks

18. What if I want to stop using it? 

Currently the deal is Just stop paying for it at the end month. 

19.What if it stops working?

Call support 01822 6000001

20.Why aren't more agencies using it?

PLPs are very new to the market

21. Who is providing this service?

Microportals Ltd,, East Quither Farm, Milton Abbot, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0PZ  Telephone 01822 60000



How can we help Rightmove and Zoopla – embed  Property Location Portals?

How can this possibly work?

We have run local information sites nationwide for 14 years.  They are called Microportals. They ‘micro focus’ live, relevant, local information and photos on a 100 metre spot.  Crucially they do this with the mind-set and needs of each user in mind. There is one on every community, school, forces base and hotel in the UK – 74,000 sites in all!  Importantly they are all linked and share information.

It had to be time we did this for each property in the country – focused on the local information needs of property buyers.  So we approached Matt Miller who heads up MillerTC in Tavistock and Okehampton. Matt enthusiastically suggested a format which would help both him and his clients. His Property Location Portals (PLPs) had to include:

  • Buyer / tenant focused live local information and photos
  • A ‘Zip Bar’ with instant access to key local questions – for each property
  • Display alternative nearby MillerTC properties - not those of competitors!
  • ‘Locality Explore’ buttons to communicate a ‘living there’ feel for surrounding areas
  • Welcome Packs with key phone numbers etc to build the MillerTC brand and client loyalty
  • A unique, self-updating house website with live local information, events and resources – carrying branding plus nearby MillerTC properties

Eighteen months later this is where we are now! The ‘engine’ looks like this:  It is seamlessly embedded into every house details page via the Live Local Information link.

Try it! Visit, click on any house details page and then Live Local Information (right of the gallery box).  Instantly a PLP appears around the property – fully branded and integrated into the MillerTC site.  Potential buyers’ and tenants’ most often asked questions, in relation to that house, are answered in one click.  Answers to other queries are found by a quick browse or by entering queries into the pre-localized search box.

The white buttons at the top refocus the PLP on nearby neighbourhoods - especially useful for people new to the area or wanting to move around it. Notice that relevant MillerTC houses in each locality are displayed on the right.

The aim is to communicate the ‘Living There’ feel for each area and to potentially answer all the crucial ‘didn’t know they didn’t know’ questions which can often actually sell a house.  Crucially buyer and tenants never really leave the MillerTC website.

Traffic has doubled into the MillerTC website.  Firstly because PLPs generate their own traffic as people move from house to house and secondly because they are linked into the community networks above.

Richard Searight

Founder and Director 2day Microportals - 01822 600001 ext. 1

Q and As and prices!

Live Demo click select a house > select Live Local Information > displays PLP>select info or another nearby house