2day Websites & Enhanced Websites

2day provides Resellers - web developers and others, with a web development package that enables them to create a fully hosted, professional & search engine optimised Website in less than an hour.Two unique, professional Website Packages are available on 2day’s national network of over 70,000 business Websites and community information Portals.

Resellers creating a 2day Website can use a range of customisable templates, SEO resources and online marketing tools. Uniquely, resellers have full access to a substantial portal database to enhance a Website by providing additional information, such as in depth local information, live
financial information and business data, via highly relevant links and feeds.

This document sets out the business opportunity for established businesses to resell 2day Websites.

Executive Summary


• 2day provides two professional Website packages that are ready to go …
       - 2day Website
       - 2day Enhanced Website
• The demand for highly effective, low-cost Websites is substantial
• 2day Websites are professionally SEO’d & produced within an hour – often by junior staff
• 2day Websites can help capture clients with low budgets that might otherwise buy elsewhere


• Profitable. A minimum 40% to 60% gross profit for the reseller
• There are no initial reseller licence fees to pay
• Resellers enjoy ongoing revenues in years two and three. Minimal effort, maximum profits
• Profitable advertising can be sold on any of the 70,000 2day Websites


1. The 2day Website
2. The 2day Enhanced Website
3. Additional 2day Website products
4. Revenue & Profits from Advertising
5. Prices
6. Terms and Conditions
7. Reselling 2day Websites & Enhanced Websites
8. Appendix I. Pricing – Supported Resellers
9. Appendix II. Pricing – Independent Resellers