What they are and What they do

2day's Portals and Enhanced Websites are designed to be homepages or desktops providing users with literally everything that they are likely to need to live their lives - on a single screen. Access to all information on a 2day site is a maximum three-click process.

Every site can be focussed on any UK postcode so that all local postcode-linked information on any site is automatically relevant. The postcode can be changed at any time and the site will always re-focus on the newly entered postcode.

All sites can be specifically tailored to an individual or company's requirements with any data, links, logos and photographs. Daily messageboards such as Wit & Wisdom and a daily financial update from Moneyweek complete the package.

The benefits of 2day Portals & Enhanced Websites

Speed and simplicity - virtually everything an individual or an organisation needs from the internet becomes available with three clicks - often only one. There is no need to know the website URLs. All linked-to sites are reviewed to help people find what they need.

Local penetration - Local information not available on the internet can be added by the users and be made available to other people within the area or interest group.

Maximise the use of existing websites - 2day sites enhance the use and the profile of existing "parent" websites by dovetailing links into them to extract maximum value from their most used pages

Communications are taken to a new level:

- daily, local or interest-focused bulletin boards designed to involve, amuse or inform the microportal group. The bulletin boards can be entered locally by users or centrally by webmasters

- Email is one click to an international web based provider

Access to the best sites - 2day sites contain a Google bar but the editorial team ensure that other sites listed are the best within each category - and are reviewed to help eliminate fruitless surfing associated with the internet.


See the 5 day weather forecast for your area, the UK or the world

See what's on in your organisation, the community, the local area or the country

Find your nearest sports centre, kite-flying club or plumber

Printout key telephone numbers

Make an appointment, book a restaurant or order a Chinese

Buy almost anything online from organic vegetables to cars

Discover local farmers markets and car boot sales
See the day's news and sports headlines

Check your local traffic news, plan a route, book a flight

Check out local or London theatres, cinemas, museums & galleries

Discover local nightclubs and national music festivals
Find local facilities you never knew existed!

Seek advice on everything from Pet Care to Retirement
Find a B & B for visiting friends and relations

Check your church services and find a daily bible reading

Catch up on your favourite soap or listen to the Archers

See the latest daily Wit & Wisdom board


If you would like to know more about our Portals & Enhanced Websites do please contact us:

Richard and Julia Searight
2day Microportals, East Quither Farm, Tavistock , Devon PL19 0PZ

Telephone 01822 600001
Email: info.2day.ws